Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Many tourists come to visit Canada every year to experience its serene and striking beauty. Canada’s unparalleled beauty from mountains to glaciers, crystal clear lakes to secluded forests attract many visitors from across the globe. Apart from natural beauty and scenic landscapes, the country is home to many cosmopolitan and modern cities. Travelers who want to visit Canada require a visitor visa.

A visitor visa also known as temporary resident visa is an official document mandatory to enter Canada as a tourist or visitor. Visitor visa holders can stay in Canada on a temporary basis for up to 6 months. With a multiple entry visa, tourists can enter Canada multiple times up to 10 years. Many countries are exempted from the requirement of a visitor visa.

Applicants must be in sound health and must be able to show their ties to the home country like family, job, home etc. It is crucial for visitors to prove that they will leave Canada and return to their home country at the end of their visit. Tourists must have sufficient funds to show financial stability to support their stay in Canada. If someone wants to visit and stay with friends or family in Canada, the applicant needs a letter of invitation from the host.

Note: Visitor visa does not permit tourists to work in Canada during their stay.

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