Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Do you wish to be a part of a world class education system with globally recognized degrees from top ranking universities and institutions? Studying in Canada can be your pathway to a promising career and bright future. In order to study in Canada, one must possess a study permit to enter the country as an international student.

Study permits are documents issued by the Canadian government to allow citizens of foreign nationality to study in Canada. The student must be accepted by a designated learning institution (DLI) to be eligible to study in Canada. Study permit is not a visa that lets you enter the country; you may also require a temporary visa along with the study permit.

A study permit is usually valid for the duration of the specific study program you are enrolled in, with a surplus of 90 days. These 90 days are given to help you prepare to leave the country or apply for an extension of your stay. It is essential to choose a course or program that is conforming and consistent to the previous study/work experience you have.

The entire process of obtaining a study permit and visa can be a bit tedious. MAPLEROADS IMMIGRATION INC. can help you fulfill your dream of studying in Canada. We will assist you through the entire process (end to end) for a comfortable and smooth experience.


  • Canada offers diverse study programs that cater to the varying needs of international students.
  • Students enrolled in general degree courses and study programs have the opportunity to attain education and simultaneously work part time up to 20 hours per week.
  • Many Canadian colleges offer co-op internship study programs in which students can work/intern as a part of the program curriculum.
  • After completion of the study program, students can temporarily work or apply to live permanently in Canada.
  • Canada is a multi diverse, progressive nation with an egalitarian and multicultural society. The two official languages, English and French makes it convenient for the foreign nationals to communicate.
  • Canada provides a very safe environment with political stability and minimal traces of violence/ terrorism.
  • Canada is home to near about a million international students. The country has encountered a three-fold growth in the population of international students over the past decade.
  • Canada provides quality and affordable education. It is a hub of some of the world’s top ranking universities and educational institutions.
  • The Canadian degrees are widely recognized across the globe and cater to the ever emerging demands of the global labor market.
  • Research is one of the important aspects of Canadian post secondary education. Students have ample opportunities to become a part of this aspect. Research in all sectors including computer technology, medicine, telecommunications, environmental science and agriculture are encouraged by the government and industry.
  • Canada offers vast employment opportunities in both technical and non technical sectors. As per media reports, in 2017, Toronto has been the fastest growing market for tech jobs, creating more employment opportunities than San Francisco’s Bay Area, Seattle and Washington, D.C put together.
  • The favourable immigration policies have led to the expansion of many global tech companies in Canada.
  • Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Accenture, Salesforce are some of the world leaders that have expanded in Canada.
  • Apart from jobs, Canada has also been pivotal for investors and start-up ventures. Low operating costs and tax incentives make it an ideal place for budding businesses.